Welcome to my new pad!

I’m glad you’ve found me!

My previous blog, From Survival to Serenity has moved!  It is now part of my new website and my new adventure in life.  I will leave a forwarding address post on my old blog for a little while just so all my readers can find me.  Very soon, my previous URL address will be redirected to this new site.

I’m very excited to enter this new chapter of my life.  My family is stable, my kids are growing up and doing well, and it’s finally time for me to take care of me, do things I enjoy for me, and have fun while I’m doing it.

Copyright Information

Please note that all previous copyrighted material from my previous blog is still owned by me and now by Serenity Links Coaching, LLC.  It has not magically entered the public domain just because I moved.  If you would like to use any of my material, please contact me and request permission before doing so.

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I'm Diana. I am a certified professional parent and family coach. I love helping struggling parents of tough kids find their way out of chaos and crazy...and I'd love to help you! I've been married for over 2 decades. My husband and I have 3 children who joined our family both through birth and adoption. We are a crazy, healing, imperfect mix of FASD, PTSD, RAD, ADHD, mood disorders, OCD, ODD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. We are finding joy, healing, and serenity in spite of all of it.

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