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“Life isn’t about jumping from one crisis to another.
Families aren’t meant to live in chaos.
There is a better way. There is a way out. 

There is hope!”

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An Overview of Developmental Trauma

This handy “At-a-Glance” chart is an invaluable tool for helping others “see” how widespread, long-lasting, and complex the effects of early childhood trauma really are. Grab a copy for yourself!

  • All common issues associated with Developmental Trauma displayed on one page.

  • Grouped according to impact on relationships, school, belief systems, and behavior

  • Excellent resource to share with teachers, doctors, clergy, extended family, etc.

developmental trauma at a glance chart Serenity Links Coaching
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More Resources for Help

Serenity Links Coaching, LLC specializes in guiding parents of children who suffer
from FASD, PTSD, ADHD, Attachment Disorders, Mood Disorders,

and other forms of mental illness as they restore
sanity, peace, harmony, and serenity to their lives.

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