Ah, the month of May has arrived. Have your kids let you know it yet?  Are you feeling the jittery rise of anxiety and doom yourself?

In many parts of the world, May Day is a glorious, happy, festive celebration of spring. Did you know, however, that the term “Mayday” is also an internationally recognized distress signal? For many of us moms of tough kids, May 1st very often feels like the latter. Many of us recognize December as a hard month for kids due to the holiday season. Have you thought much about May, though? This can also be an exceptionally tough month. In fact, at my house it’s a whole lot harder than December.

May Day Mayday!

The month of May brings a welcome change in seasons, the looming end of the school year, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. Any one of these things can be tough on a kid who has experienced trauma. Our little sweeties aren’t typically fans of any kind of change…even a change in the weather or a season. Memorial Day honors lives lost and loved ones no longer with us. The looming end of the school year brings both stressful end-of-level testing and a loss of beloved routine, friends, teachers, and structure. For us, it’s also bringing a graduation and major life transition this year we’ve never experienced before.

Of course, May also brings Mother’s Day…or as we not so affectionately call it at our house “Trauma Awareness Day.” For so many of us this day brings feelings of obligation, resentment, inadequacy, and grief…and that’s just our own feelings. Our kids have their own set of issues with it. No matter what I do, I will never be the first mom for two of my kids. No matter what she did or didn’t do or how bad things were, she is still a part of them and they are wired by nature to love her, even if they hate her at the same time.

Did you catch the key words in all those things? Stress…loss…transition…love…grief… Those things don’t just affect our kids. They affect us as parents, too! They also affect how we relate to each other.

Join the Challenge!

mothers mayday challengeI’m on a quest to reclaim the month of May and especially Mother’s Day. I’ve launched an ongoing event in my Facebook group called “The Mother’s Mayday Challenge.” Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing things to honor, recognize, strengthen, and celebrate our role as mothers and caregivers to some of the most challenging kids on the planet. We deserve a badge of honor! The world may not give it to us, but we can certainly give it to ourselves.

I invite you to join me in this quest and this challenge! Simply join my Facebook group and share your thoughts on the challenge posts and activities. That’s all there is to it!

The next couple of weeks are going to be all about honoring us as women, as moms, and celebrating who we are and what we do. We’ll have some mini challenges, little ditties, live feeds, and who knows what else. It will be fun, though! Come join me!

I’m also super excited to announce that I’ll be starting my brand new 4 week e-course called “Finding Rest in the Chaos” on May 15!  Stay tuned for more details on that!

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I'm Diana. I am a certified professional parent and family coach. I love helping struggling parents of tough kids find their way out of chaos and crazy...and I'd love to help you! I've been married for over 2 decades. My husband and I have 3 children who joined our family both through birth and adoption. We are a crazy, healing, imperfect mix of FASD, PTSD, RAD, ADHD, mood disorders, OCD, ODD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. We are finding joy, healing, and serenity in spite of all of it.

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